cubeX2 Translucent Cubic Zirconia

cubeX2 High Translucency Zirconia
  • Translucency of Lithium Disilicate
  • Strength of Zirconia
  • Coneventional Cementation
  • Chamfer or Feather-Edge Margins
  • Warm, Natural Esthetics
  • Flexural Strength of 720 MPa's
  • Single Crowns and 3-Unit Bridges In All Tooth Positions

Clinical Indications

cubeX2 is indicated for single crowns and 3 unit bridgework in all tooth positions.

Preparation Requirements

cubeX2 requires less tooth preparation than is required for IPS e.max. Ideally, a 0.8mm chamfer prep is preferred; however,a feather-edge margin is acceptable with 1.0-1.5mm occlusal reduction.

Cementation Recommendations

Ceramir® Crown & Bridge or a resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement such as RelyXTM Luting Cement or GC Fuji Plus

For short or overtapered preparations, use a resin cement such as Relyx Unicem or PanaviaTM F2.0

Cementation Recommendations